2021 was another year of growth and expansion for Ellumen, bringing exciting contract wins, enhanced capabilities and even a new visual identity. We gained four prime contracts, completed a total brand refresh, modernized our training & communications services and implemented employee-focused initiatives for a more engaged and inclusive culture. As we move into 2022, we’ll be focused on strengthening our partnerships, growing our internal resources and implementing AI & emerging technology into our services portfolio.

New Contract Wins

Ellumen was awarded four prime contracts and 11 subcontracts. We continue to serve valued federal clients, such as the Defense Health Agency, U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency and Department of the Air Force.

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Brand Refresh

Ellumen announced the official launch of our corporate re-brand in August, which includes a new mission statement, corporate values, logo and visual identity. As our company and brand have expanded, we decided to solidify the values of our corporate culture and modernize our visual identity. Designed internally by the Ellumen marketing team, our new identity accurately reflects our modernization and increasing adaptability over time, conveying the unique strengths and attributes vital to Ellumen’s core. Click here to learn more.

New Leadership

In January, Ellumen announced that former Executive Vice President Mary Vogel would be taking over as President of Ellumen. Our executive structure saw several additional changes to the roles of Executive Vice President, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Click here to read an interview with Mary.

In October, Mary received a Leading for Impact, Women in Leadership award. This award recognizes women embracing ingenuity and social impact in the Federal and Military Health & Technology community. See the full list here.

The AI Innovation Space

In May, Ellumen introduced the AI Innovation Space podcast for which our AI experts, Iyanuoluwa Odebode, Ph.D and Todd McCollough, chat monthly with leading industry innovators and researchers. Our experts make the complex realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning accessible, showcasing real-world applications in business and healthcare. Read our 2021 AI/ML recap to access all AI content from our experts. Listen to the AI Innovation Space on Spotify.

Innovations in Imaging

Ellumen engineers successfully integrated with the Department of Defense (DoD) Enterprise Clinical Archives that gave Veterans Affairs (VA) clinicians access to over 80 million DoD images. We have supported over 1.5 million queries to date.

Additionally, Ellumen was awarded a patent for “Accurate Signal Compensations for UWB (Ultra-Wide Bandwidth) Radar Imaging.” The first named inventor is Dr. Wenyi Shao with William and Todd McCollough as co-inventors. This patent outlines a novel radar imaging approach which considers the dispersion and loss of the transmission media as an Ultra-wide bandwidth (ultra-narrow time-domain) signal propagates through a media (atmosphere, human body, etc.). It will help radiologists avoid the harmful and cancer-causing effects of traditional X-rays.

Modernized Training Approach

Our training and communications capabilities have expanded to include a wider range of multimedia, digital learning and telepresence robotics services. Project Manager Tim Stanley and DMLSS Training Lead Kim Hartmann discuss how our innovative, hybrid training approach prepares system users for success and effectively blends digital and in-person learning methods. Read more about our advancements in digital training here.

Additionally, our USAMMA training team continued to bring innovation and tech to the classroom. Ellumen’s USAMMA BSO DML-ES SAP training team prepares units for deployment and ensures engaging training sessions that allow soldiers to feel prepared for their role in theater. Read more about their success in training medical logistics at Fort Hood.

Celebrating Women in STEM and Federal Contracting

For Women’s History Month, Ellumen celebrated the accomplishments of women leading innovation and breaking barriers in STEM and federal contracting. The Ellumen team is comprised of inspiring women from diverse backgrounds who drive our core values of ingenuity, curiosity and connection, bringing cutting-edge innovation and courageous leadership to every project. Throughout the month, we asked some of our team members to share their stories and reflect on their best career advice and accomplishments.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

“Women’s History Month is a time that allows us to honor and remember women who campaigned tirelessly to push for equal rights and opportunities. Their perseverance opened up opportunities for all women to have a voice, achieve our goals and become thought leaders.”

Tram Ly, HR Manager

What advice would you give to women in your field?

“Raise your hand to learn new things whenever you can to expand your experience and perspective. Don’t underestimate yourself, your value and what you bring to the table.”

Maggie Wenger, Senior Infrastructure Program Manager

What do you love most about what you do?

“I love working with smart people and being creative! The best part of my job is that there are opportunities all the time to learn and engage with new skills. I started out as an entry level analyst and now I’m the marketing manager. In a sense I’ve grown up in this company and I like taking a moment to pause and look back on my own evolution and the evolution of the marketing department at Ellumen. It’s exciting and I’m proud of the growth.”

Mary Carroll, Marketing Manager

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

“Network, network, network! I’ve learned so many things from the people I’ve met through networking. No one can be successful alone; surround yourself with compassionate, knowledgeable and dynamic people. Take care of the people that work for you and find a company with the same ethics.”

Liz Armstrong, Program Manager

Employee Growth and Engagement

Ellumen gained 49 new employees in 2021 due to our new projects and corporate expansion. We’ve continued to grow in our onboarding processes, employee engagement initiatives and internal tools & resources. We implemented the STAR Performer Award to recognize employees from across projects that exemplify our values of curiosity, ingenuity and connection.

Continued Strides in Quality

Ellumen was recertified ISO 20000, 270001, and 9001. We were awarded CMMI-DEV L-3, version 2.0.

Looking Forward to 2022

Strengthening Higher Education Partnerships

Building off of our successful experience working with Morgan State University last year, Ellumen is currently growing a partnership with Bethune-Cookman University for education & training development. More details to come in 2022.

New Capabilities

We’ll be adding new digital communications and emerging technology services to our portfolio in 2022. This will expand our efforts in training, strategic communications, software development and data integration.


Visit our careers page to see the available job opportunities with Ellumen as we move into the new year! We’re hiring for technical, remote roles, including experienced data engineers and technical writers.