& DevOps

Proven Processes Drive Quality Results

Our integrated software development methods employ a total systems engineering approach that accounts for IT architecture, hardware, operating system, network security and any other possible constraints. We start any software-building effort with the architecture and deliver a product that fits workflow and everyday processes. We fully integrate engineering support functions, such as configuration management and testing, into our software development process from the outset of any project.

What does Ellumen offer?

  • Software tools capable of meeting health information exchange and larger health technology needs.
  • Capability of integrating COTS into federal environments.
  • Maintenance of existing and legacy federal software applications.
  • Familiarity with federal environments and requirements.

We have experience supporting federal health information exchange via the Standards and COTS Integration Platform (SCIP). Ellumen has been involved in various aspects of VA-DoD health information exchange including CHDR and VLER.

We offer knowledgeable and experienced personnel familiar with the challenges of health IT. We provide an innovative approach to integration and DevOps focused on effectively meeting customer needs while incorporating the latest technology.