Training &

Storytelling to Inspire Action

With a team of award-winning videographers and a consistently creative approach to health IT branding, Ellumen is an expert on capturing audience imaginations to inspire action. We recently doubled our marketing team, which is trained in communications efforts like copywriting, videography, web content and e-training methods.

What does Ellumen offer?

  • Training and documentation for end users covering new applications or updates to existing applications.
  • Communication strategies and content for current or planned initiatives.
  • Content in a variety of multimedia formats, such as video, podcast and web content.

We have experience supporting the training and documentation for DMLSS and LogiCole for the Department of Defense. Ellumen has supported communication through its work on the Rural VLER Health Exchange and Direct Messaging project.

We understand the need for consistent cross-platform communication to promote business objectives and support user training. Ellumen is familiar with communication best practices for a variety of media and has experience providing training for health technology systems.