Our training and communications capabilities.

Let’s bring your story to life. We give communications and training strategies an innovative, immersive makeover with services like extended reality development, multimedia production, and graphic design.

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We are instructional designers, developers, engineers, and artists who specialize in creating brain-friendly, multimodal training programs. We build custom, flexible training resources, courseware, experiences, and gaming for a seamless and innovative learning experience.

Extended Reality 

The future of training is here. Extended reality, such as VR and serious gaming, provides immersion and key behavioral analytics. We specialize in VR environments, virtual trainers, serious gaming, 3D modeling, and more. We harness the power of AI and data analytics to track and measure behavioral learning data such as brain wave scans, biometrics, body & eye tracking, and sentiment analysis. Our XR developers help you determine the optimal XR training/gaming application for any remote or in-person curriculum.

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Curriculum Development & Instructional Design

Modern ideas about learning & development (L&D) are being challenged every day. We offer an ecosystem of modern, interactive remote and in-person learning materials. Our scalable curriculums are designed to achieve your learning goals, with built in performance analytics that improve learning outcomes. Our specialty is quickly standing up effective and innovative training programs that comply with Federal standards.

In-person and Telepresent Instruction

Ellumen offers in-person trainers who embrace gamification, hands-on exercises, and takeaway materials in the classroom for maximum retention. Our introduction of a telepresence robot has enabled learning in real-world and complex environments, giving our experienced trainers full access to student behavior in any environment, including keystrokes, body language and surroundings.

Your organization’s mission comes to life with our cutting-edge, cross-platform strategic communications strategies that include written materials, social media management and brand guidelines. Our team of content specialists and branding experts offer the benefits of a full brand agency and production studio.


Strategic Communications

We develop dynamic communications & content plans that include written materials, social media management, email marketing, and more. Our team of content specialists, brand strategists and copywriters complete relevant market research, report success metrics for communications campaigns, and optimize content for your intended audience.

    • Research
    • Strategic Planning
    • Content Creation
    • Change Management & Training

Website Management & Design

We make web management easy by offering our experience in CMS management, web migrations, content development and UX design. We manage and design all websites with industry-best SEO practices and full 508c compliance.

    • Custom, responsive website design
    • Website Security
    • Website Auditing
    • SEO Integration
    • Website Monitoring & Reporting

Branding & Graphic Design

Our specialty is bringing beauty out of the mission, ensuring your messaging is reflected in the visual identity of your marketing materials. We ensure a modern and consistent visual identity across platforms and mediums by creating easy-to-use brand guidelines and content repositories.

    • Logo Design
    • Brand Messaging and Positioning
    • Brand Voice
    • Brand Style Guide
    • Social Media Guidelines and Management

Multimedia Production

Storytelling is at the heart of our multimedia approach. Using our complete A/V equipment set up, our team delivers valuable messages and core insights through a variety of multimedia formats, including videos, podcasts and animated media.

    • Podcasts
    • Videos
    • Photography
    • Editing & Post-Production
    • 3D Animations
    • Live Streams
    • Studio Facilties & Equipment
    • Social Media Videos

Meet Our Expert

Mary Carroll is Ellumen’s Communications Director. Mary leads the marketing team in writing company press releases, overseeing web content and developing corporate marketing strategies. She offers our clients and partners her 5+ years guiding small business owners on smarter, better approaches for capturing audience imaginations and inspiring action.