In 2021, Ellumen’s AI experts were busy creating a multi-part blog series and podcast, the AI Innovation Space. These focus on the practical applications of artificial intelligence/machine learning in healthcare and the innovation occurring in the field of AI/ML around the world. Iyanu Odebode, PH.D and Todd McCollough – whose backgrounds include patented microwave imaging technology and groundbreaking developments in algorithms for healthcare – bring a nuanced and wide-ranging perspective to how AI can be applied to better patient care. Their blog series focuses on AI for medical imaging and the practical applications of AI-assisted technology in a wide range of sectors. The first season of their podcast, the AI Innovation Space, features industry leaders’ perspectives on ethical tech and how the ever-evolving landscape of AI research and innovation is bettering the world.

The Future of Healthcare Lies in AI/ML

Ellumen has an extensive background in medical imaging and medical logistics, and our experts specialize in how AI/ML algorithms make processes faster in hospitals. The current pandemic has further exposed the need for more streamlined patient care – and these blogs and podcasts outline how AI can help doctors make timely, informed decisions. Our experts also delve into the murky ethics of solely relying on AI/ML in the emergency room and beyond, offering insight into how this technology is a tool and not a crutch.

Our experts sat down with Dr. Vandana Janeja, Professor and Chair of the Information Systems department at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Dr. Janeja heads the MData Lab at UMC and shares her insights on how AI research is placing ethics, equity and human input front and center. Our experts go in depth on the importance of heterogeneity in AI research and the ethical use of AI in the emergency room for effective treatment. In Part 2, they discuss AI’s role in healthcare, specifically during the COVID-19 crisis, and the future of AI research and education. Dr. Janeja gives her valuable advice for those seeking to learn and research AI.

AI is Everywhere. How Does it Work?

In their AI Innovation Space podcast and blog series, our experts discuss more than healthcare. They dive into how AI/ML is evolving as an industry with topics like the ethical pitfalls of AI-focused tech, innovative applications in education and the math that goes into creating algorithms.


Ellumen’s AI experts sit down with esteemed researcher and Google Translate pioneer Dr. De Kai to discuss the AI bias in healthcare and how culture, music and linguistics inform the future of AI and machine learning. They break down the humanity and cultural implications of developing and using AI-based technology, discussing Dr. De Kai’s background in liberal arts and the socio-cultural relevance of implicit biases in tech.


Our co-hosts discuss the math behind AI and machine learning with Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Anton Alexander of Blueridge.Ai. This episode sees our experts examine the breadth of AI applications across industries and how a love for high school math can lead to a successful career in one of the most important emerging tech fields.


Ellumen’s experts chat with Ahura AI CEO and Founder, Bryan Talebi, on how novel applications of AI are revolutionizing the education space for generations to come. Listen to learn more about how Ahura AI disrupts the traditional classroom model and creatively applies AI for personalized methods of learning and building education systems.

Meet Ellumen’s AI Experts

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How does Todd’s background in patented imaging technology apply to AI? Why do companies like Meta and Zillow rely on AI/ML algorithms for their business? As an exciting year in AI innovation comes to a close, our hosts Iyanuoluwa Odebode, Ph.D and Todd McCollough dive into Ellumen’s AI-focused patents and offer insight into the biggest AI/ML news stories of 2021.

Iyanuoluwa Odebode, Ph.D. is Ellumen’s artificial intelligence/machine learning expert, supporting the Innovation Lab project by identifying and researching new & emerging technology. He also serves as an adjunct professor in cybersecurity at University of Maryland Baltimore County. Prior to his work at Ellumen, Iyanuoluwa built an algorithm for repurposing old drugs for new use using the DReiM methodology. He has been published in ResearchGate and IEEE for his research on machine learning. Iyanuoluwa completed his master’s in bioinformatics at Morgan State University and his Ph.D. in information systems (machine learning/AI) at University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Todd R. McCollough is a Software Engineer for Ellumen. He works primarily with the CVIX/VIX Services which support image viewers and applications to provide the ability for users to query, retrieve and manipulate VA and DoD medical images and image artifacts. Todd is a co-inventor on several issued U.S. patents and is passionate about discovering novel ways to image patients and improve patient care. Todd received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biomedical engineering from Northwestern University.