Ellumen’s USAMMA BSO DML-ES SAP training team delivers innovative, personalized training to soldiers learning medical logistics and inventory management. The team’s diverse military experience, DML-ES skill sets and use of the DML-ES SAP training system gives them a unique advantage in preparing units for deployment and ensuring engaging training sessions that allow soldiers to feel prepared for their role in theater.

Preparing a Unit for Success in Theater

An example of this team’s success is their recent role in preparing soldiers for deployment at Fort Hood, an Army post in Texas. This extensive multi-week training series included Hybrid DML-ES SAP Readiness trainings in the classroom and a hands-on Culminating Training Event (CTE). Dedicated to training that features hands-on, real-world situations, the team simulated a warehouse environment similar to those the soldiers will encounter in theater. The team provided introductory training and refresh courses, then used the warehouse environment to execute what was taught in the classroom. During the CTE, the trainers observed, coached or re-trained the unit throughout four days of evaluation.

The training was a major success, allowing soldiers to be comfortable with the knowledge they gained and able to do a successful turnover with the unit they will relieve. More importantly, the training will be sustainable and consistent as the same warehouse environment will be used for training future soldiers prior to their deployment.

Training Tools and Methods

USAMMA trainers keep both classroom and simulation training engaging by implementing reference materials, gamification, hand-on capabilities and more. The training experience they created at Fort Hood exemplifies this; the soldiers were able to learn real-world skills and ask crucial questions in a replica environment, preparing them for situations they may encounter abroad. The training team’s reference guides contain frequently used transactions and vital resources. These are distributed electronically, or in the case of the Fort Hood training, distributed as books for the soldiers to keep in their bags.

Further, the DML-ES SAP system allows soldiers the ability to maneuver in the system and complete transactions as many times as it takes to get it right. This e-learning tool creates a simulation of real-world actions that walk the user through the correct process. Additionally, trainers frequently use resources for knowledge gamification, such as classroom Kahoot and Jeopardy, to test learners’ knowledge and keep them engaged in the material.

Our USAMMA BSO trainers implement boundless innovation into their techniques, ensuring soldiers are ready for their jobs on deployment. For more information about the USAMMA training contract, read the press release. Ellumen’s success and innovation in training extends beyond the USAMMA contract; read more about how we’ve implemented telepresence robotics and digital courseware into our DMLSS/LogiCole training approach. For more information on our general training & communications capabilities, visit our services page.

Written by Siobhan Doherty and Clare Escobar.