Ellumen, in collaboration with our partners at RB Consulting, Inc. and Integration Resolve, Inc., has been awarded a contract for incumbent work with the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Health Agency (DHA) for Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) for Defense Medical Logistics-Enterprise Solution (DML-ES) applications.

The LogiCole application is a vital component of the DML-ES program, providing a comprehensive solution for managing medical logistics across the Military Health System. The Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) capability ensures the seamless integration and support of both legacy applications and the LogiCole application until its full realization and the subsequent decommissioning of the legacy systems. This achievement establishes Ellumen as a crucial contributor to the successful implementation of LogiCole by November 2026.

The Ellumen team’s tasks include architecture, tier 3 issue management, documentation, training, and IV&V testing.  We are excited to continue our incumbent work providing architecture services, independent testing, and the creation of interactive, user-friendly training plans and materials to keep the LogiCole implementation on schedule.

Mary Vogel, President at Ellumen, expresses her gratitude, stating, “Thank you to our government customers for having the trust and confidence in us to be the champion of continuous improvement for the DML-ES program.” She emphasizes our commitment to support the government and industry partners in accomplishing their mission faster, with enhanced accuracy and reliability. Whether it involves IV&V testing, reimagining the MEDLOG IT Resource Center, or implementing virtual reality training, Ellumen remains steadfast in its dedication. “With IntegrationResolve and RBCI as team members, we have been on this journey for well over a decade and are resolute in our ‘Go First’ attitude and work ethic to accomplish and sustain success for DML-ES’s mission.”