Ellumen Inc. is being honored as one of 2017’s Top Workplaces as named by The Washington Post. Every year The Washington Post surveys thousands of employees from over 3,000 companies and determines awardees based solely on those employees’ feedback.

“As a company founded on the values of integrity and innovation, we believe a positive work environment fosters a certain type of unique ingenuity and produces the quality solutions that set us apart.” Art Carroll, Ellumen President, stated, “Our employees are our most valuable asset, and it’s our belief that if we invest in great people, we will achieve great results.”

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Ellumen President, Art Carroll, at The Washington Post Top Workplaces 2017 Commemorative Event, June 15th, 2017

4 Rules Ellumen Executives Live by to Support a Great Work Environment

It is exactly this type of philosophy, summarized by Mr. Carroll, that sets a good workplace apart from a great one. What are the factors that helped Ellumen become Top Workplace of 2017? Among others, Ellumen Executives are dedicated to some important rules for the company to live by:

  • Value creativity – The best solutions for the most difficult challenges lie in curious minds. Ellumen is committed to providing the type of work environment that cultivates curiosity and fosters creativity. A value-driven workplace encourages both individualism and teamwork alike. Also, never underestimate the power of a good whiteboard.
  • Invest in great people – Recognition is a huge part of creating a positive professional environment. Ellumen managers endeavor to recognize and appreciate the many accomplishments of those making great contributions to their work. On a personal level, 87% of employees consider health benefits as a main factor when deciding on job placement. The well-being of the individual contributes to the well-being of the whole.
  • Open lines of communication – Soliciting feedback from employees on a regular basis facilitates invaluable insight. Our employees are constantly coming up with new ideas that are vital to the solutions that Ellumen provides. Giving employees the proper channels to be heard accelerates innovations and produces tangible improvements.
  • Give employees room to grow – The potential for growth is a huge motivational factor. Our brilliant employees offer a host of different strengths that can be applied in many ways to the benefit of both the organization and the individual. Employees and employers alike are both happier when the environment is conducive to growth of all types including: financial, career, professional, and personal growth.

As with all employees, all companies have room to grow, adapt, and improve. Ellumen is extremely honored to be receiving this recognition and remains committed to continual improvement. Art Carroll, Ellumen President states, “We are honored to be recognized with this prestigious award and would like to thank all the amazing people on our team who have helped to make Ellumen one of the leading small businesses delivering healthcare solutions in the current market. Without them, nothing we do would be possible.”

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