[Updated December 15, 2022] In April 2021, Ellumen was granted approval for a new patent titled “Accurate Signal Compensations for UWB (Ultra-Wide Bandwidth) Radar Imaging.” The invention is a novel radar imaging approach which considers the dispersion and loss of the transmission media as an Ultra-wide bandwidth signal propagates through a media (atmosphere, human body, etc.). This innovation introduces new technology for scanning the body without exposing a patient to the often-harmful, long-term effects of ionizing radiation. The first named inventor is Dr. Wenyi Shao with William and Todd McCollough as co-inventors. This patent significantly improves on former techniques and advances the ideas and technology available for medical imaging.

In June 2022, Ellumen gained another new patent titled “Directable antenna system and method for improved communications quality.” The invention is “a directable antenna system [that] includes at least one directable antenna which has an omnidirectional antenna at a center, an inner frequency selective surface centered around the omnidirectional antenna, and an outer frequency selective surface spaced from the inner frequency selective surface… The system may include a searchable database to direct the antenna in the optimum direction for transmission and reception at a particular location.” The named inventors are William McCollough, Arezou Edalati, and Todd McCollough.

Ellumen’s independent research and development branch currently holds eight+ patents for a range of imaging and antenna design innovations. Our dedication to cutting-edge research serves our corporate mission to solve complex healthcare problems in novel ways and reduce harm and burden to patients across the nation. Our research is conducted utilizing a variety of state-of-the-art microwave test equipment, high performance computational facilities and researchers from world-class academic institutions with a focus on creativity, innovation and success. Check out our other patents or read more about our IR&D division.