medical factory supplies storage indoor with workers people.jpegA clinician in need of an otoscope to check an ear. A nurse in need of a syringe to deliver medication. A surgeon in need of a sterilized scalpel to perform surgery. All these individuals have something in common – a need for timely medical logistics support to ensure they have the medical materiel they need to do their job in an efficient, effective manner. For the Department of Defense, achieving this can be challenging as they support one of the largest active militaries in the world. So how does a modern military succeed at providing responsive medical logistics for service members stationed around the globe?

Medical logistics is a critical component of the successful delivery of healthcare, impacting patient safety and combat survivability. Solutions for modern medical logistics rely on technology and advanced tools to ensure medical materiel is purchased, managed, and distributed in an effective fashion. The provision of these technical solutions is a multifaceted process, involving design, development, testing, training, and documentation. Each aspect of this process is critical in establishing logistics systems capable of managing the complex needs of the military. These logistic systems in turn help ensure clinicians can deliver care for service members whether in a medical treatment facility for a routine visit or a mobile hospital for combat support.

Here at Ellumen, we are proud of our work for the Defense Medical Logistics Enterprise to support medical logistics. Our personnel currently support program-related Section 508-compliant documentation and training support for medical logistic systems. This work includes ensuring document consistency for all users and informing end users of updates or changes to Defense Medical Logistics systems through end user release notes. In supporting the delivery of high-quality documentation and training for critical medical logistic systems, our team helps ensure military personnel understand how to best utilize these systems to achieve their mission.

Our support for this mission can take on a variety of forms. For example, our team recently developed a series of training videos to demonstrate the benefits and initial operational capabilities of LogiCole. This work was completed under a tight deadline in the span of ten business days. The resulting videos were well-received and successful in orienting the workforce to the system. By providing innovative training content, our team helps the workforce understand how to engage with available technical solutions to improve the responsiveness of medical logistics support.