Ellumen Inc., a trusted provider of professional services and IT solutions, has been awarded a subcontract for deployment and implementation of Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Exchange, Direct, Blue Button Download, and support programs and community outreach project coordination at 56 Rural Health VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) designated by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Office of Rural Health. As part of this effort, Ellumen will be providing Rural Health Community Coordinators (RHCC) to administer on-site and remote training for Veterans and VAMC clinicians on the benefits of Exchange Veteran Enrollment, and all health data exchange applications.

This win comes on the heels of VA Secretary David Shulkin announcing the revamped Veteran’s Choice Program, now dubbed CARE (Veterans’ Coordinated Access Rewarding Experience) Program, that will allow Veterans to access an new, extended network of specialists and clinicians if a VA doctor cannot accommodate a veteran patient quickly or meet the quality metrics set by the department’s standards. This initiative by Secretary Shulkin to expand the network accessible for Veterans’ health is concomitant with the objectives of Ellumen’s newly awarded contract.

As the spearhead for ventures such as the Crisfield Clinic and Smith Island Telehealth Project, the Ellumen Team has consistently been at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to solve problems that interfere with connecting rural areas to necessary healthcare resources that may be out of geographic reach. “We are very excited about this recent win and we are eager to be part of the solution supporting Veterans that are a part of these communities relying on critical VA Medical Centers.” States Mary Vogel, VP of Client Solutions at Ellumen Inc. “It has long been our mission to bridge the digital divide and improve healthcare for rural communities.”

Ellumen is a subcontractor to HMS on this contract, awarded on Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology (T4) Next Generation (NG) in May 2017, and is staffing Rural Health Community Coordinators (RHCC) for 24 of the 56 VAMC locations.

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