The Washington Post recently named Ellumen one of the 2019 Top Workplaces. Over 61,000 employees from 347 companies in the DC area answered the survey, with companies spanning across industries, sectors, and sizes. This is the Post’s sixth annual Top Workplaces survey, conducted in partnership with employee engagement firm Energage LLC, that determines the Washington area’s Top Workplaces based on employee feedback alone. The inquiry collected responses on 24 factors covering seven areas to determine the overall assessment, so here’s how Ellumen figures in each of the seven.

Ellumen top workplaces graphic

Alignment- Where the Company is Headed, Its Values, Cooperation

Ellumen is a company that was founded on the values of innovation and integrity. Our executives believe a positive work environment fosters resourcefulness and practical solutions. Our employees are communicating with executives, collaborating across departments, and driving our success as a leading small business delivering health IT solutions.

Effectiveness- Doing Things Well, Sharing Different Viewpoints, Encouraging New Ideas

As highlighted when we made the Top Workplaces list of 2017, a company rule that executives live by is supporting open lines of communication. By having operative conduits for employees to be heard, Ellumen can advance and further innovation and ingenuity. We are always furthering our insight through gathering feedback from our team.

Connection- Employees Feel Appreciated, Their Work is Meaningful

Something that sets Ellumen apart is the passion with which our personnel does their jobs. Our employees genuinely care about improving healthcare systems and IT so more patients can receive better care. We are also proud of the work we do on behalf of Veterans, and this passion and pride show in our work environment.

My Manager- Cares About Concerns, Helps Me Learn and Grow

At Ellumen, we believe our most valuable assets are our employees, so our executives are committed to investing in the best people in order for us to be the best. Employees are encouraged to work to their full ability and to advance their careers. Creativity is encouraged here, which in turn spurs learning and growth for both management and the staff.

Employee Engagement- Motivation, Retention, and Referral

An important rule the company lives by is giving employees room to grow within the organization. Growth is a significant motivational factor, and every member of our team has a vast number of strengths that can be exercised in a way that allows them to grow personally as well as within the company. Ellumen has a retention rate above the industry average.

Leader- Confidence in Company Leadership

The team at Ellumen has tremendous confidence in company executives, stemming from the continually promising direction they’ve steered the organization in, as well as their commitment to the success and accomplishments of their employees. In the world of healthcare, where new technologies and challenges are developing simultaneously, Ellumen’s leadership has been able to maneuver this dynamic and bring efficiencies and automation across the spectrum of services we offer, as well as provide innovative, cost effective solutions to the challenges our customers face.

The Basics- Pay, Benefits, Flexibility, Training, Expectations

Ellumen is a small business that offers competitive salaries and benefits that rival even the biggest competitors.  Employees have access to a wide range of digital training and certification courses and have come to work with realistic expectations for what they put in and what they get out.

Ellumen is exceptionally honored to be receiving this recognition and is committed to continually improving. We are dedicated to building a productive and encouraging work environment that brings the best out of our team. This award is a product of what they bring to work every day.