Ellumen, Inc., a trusted provider of professional services and IT solutions, was recently awarded a subcontract with the Department of Defense (DoD) to support the Joint Medical Logistics Functional Development Center (JMLFDC) in ensuring the daily reliability, availability, and maintainability of all DML-ES applications, systems and environments to meet the daily demands of over 230 Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) supported worldwide. Ellumen is a subcontractor to ManTech on this contract. DML-ES forms a tailored, end-to-end business framework for MEDLOG supply chain management that employs strategies to migrate from MTF-Centric to Enterprise-Centric capability to reduce variation, increase supply chain agility and be a key enabler for patient safety, standardization and committed volume purchasing.

DML-ES supports the materiel needs of the DHA for the delivery of cost-effective, state-of-the-art healthcare worldwide. The lead technical developer for DML-ES is the Joint Medical Logistics Functional Development Center (JMLFDC), located at Fort Detrick, Maryland. JMLFDC’s mission is to deliver business capabilities through innovative and integrated automated solutions across the Defense Medical Logistics Enterprise (DMLE) and other Federal agencies to support and improve the delivery of healthcare. In support of this mission, JMLFDC has initiated a major technical refresh that will merge both the programmatic and technical components of all existing DML applications into a single program, the DML-ES and a single application, LogiCole.

At JMLFDC, Ellumen will ensure DML-ES applications/systems are engineered and maintained with reliability, maintainability and availability as the key outcomes and 99% uptime. Ellumen will provide non-personal IT services in support of systems engineering, cybersecurity, and daily operations for the Solution Delivery Division (SDD) Clinical Support Branch Medical Logistics Division (MLD), DML-ES applications, systems, and environments (LogiCole, DMLSS, JMAR, DCAM, and JPSE) at Fort Detrick, MD. Additionally, the work needed will include utilizing RMF to ensure effective security posture, allowing DML-ES applications’ information/data always to remain trusted, protected and available. The company will be a partner with the effort to integrate DevOps concept to enable Information Technology (IT) alignment by aligning development and operations roles and processes in the context of shared business objectives.

This new award allows Ellumen to assist JMLFDC in the technical refresh of DMLSS, continuing towards the target completion date of October 2021 for LogiCole Full Operational Capability.

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